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Are you confident your staff, faculty, or students
are prepared for an unexpected emergency situation?

We can help!

Emergency Management Consulting
and Risk Assessments
for Schools and Businesses

True Vigilance will help create a Comprehensive All-Hazards Emergency Management Plan that will address lockdown, shelter-in-place, and evacuations for all types of emergencies related to your specific business or school. The plan will then be tested with a large scale or tabletop exercise. True Vigilance can also conduct a physical security threat/vulnerability/risk assessment and/or training can be provided to your employees, staff, faculty, and students on the proper response options to an active shooter or armed assailant situation, natural or weather-related disasters and fire or chemical spill evacuations.


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, around 25% of all businesses never re-open after a disaster or emergency strikes. Every business must be ready for an emergency situation including workplace violence, localized threats, and natural disasters. With an Emergency Management Plan, you keep employees prepared and plan for business continuity. Reduce your company’s liability and protect your organization’s personnel, clients, and reputation (brand) with a plan and with training to handle any threat, big or small. Is your current Emergency Management Plan ready to cover today’s threats? Let’s talk!

Schools and Institutions of Higher Education

Many times the “first responder” to an active shooter situation is you. Are you confident your staff, faculty, and students are trained and prepared for an unexpected emergency situation on your campus? We can help!

Our Process Gives You Peace of Mind

Emergency Management Plan

Receive a comprehensive plan that describes who will do what, when, with what resources, and with what authority before, during, and immediately after an emergency situation or disaster.


Threat Assessment

Receive our detailed recommendations to prevent targeted violence. Our report will maximize the protection of physical assets and people by using a 76-point checklist as a risk assessment tool.

Core areas of risk assessment include:

  • scope
  • data collection
  • analysis of policies and procedures
  • threat analysis
  • vulnerability analysis
  • correlation and assessment of risk acceptability

Active Shooter/Armed Assailant Training

Learn how to recognize warning signs, identify areas of concern, and response and protection options during this four-hour on-site training with your staff covering Run, Hide, Fight response options.

Large-Scale, Functional and Tabletop Exercises

Will your plan work?

We assist your safety, security, and/or emergency management personnel with the administration and management of various exercises form tabletop exercises to large scale exercises to test your Emergency Management Plan.


“Paul Damico conducted several active assailant, tornado, and airplane crash tabletop and full-scale exercises at Craven Community College. Paul also presented numerous emergency management topics at the Crystal Coast Disaster Coalition meetings. Paul was very professional when presenting and made the topic interesting and informative.”

– Crystal Coast Disaster Coalition

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With over 40 years of emergency management, safety and security management, law enforcement, and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) experience, we can help you protect the lives of your employees, staff, faculty, and students.

True Vigilance can provide physical security onsite consultation and training for your school, home, or business through our real-life experience. We offer custom, site-specific plans, assessments, and training to meet each client’s individual needs.

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